Secure yourself from online fraud!

Most of the listings are uploaded by trustworthy individuals, making it possible for you to conduct great business. However, it is crucial to adhere to some basic guidelines to avoid falling prey to fraudulent activities.

Our Advice

  • Engaging in business transactions with individuals whom you can physically meet.
  • Do not use Western Union, MoneyGram, or any other anonymous payment systems to send money.
  • Do not ever send money or products overseas.
  • Refuse to receive checks.
  • Inquire about the individual you are interacting with by obtaining additional verification of their name, address, and phone number from a reliable source.
  • Make sure to retain duplicates of all communication, including emails, listings, letters, etc., and record the individual's information.
  • If an offer appears excessively advantageous, it is highly likely that it is not genuine. Abstain.

Identify a fraudulent scheme that has been attempted

  • Most scams exhibit one or more of these traits:
  • The individual is overseas or currently on a trip abroad.
  • The individual declines to have a face-to-face meeting with you.
  • Payment is made through Western Union, Money Gram, or check.
  • The messages are written in a fragmented form of language, which could be either English, French, or any other language.
  • It appears that the texts have been copied and pasted.
  • The offer appears to be excessively advantageous to be believable.